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Destini Davis

Empowered Parenting Coach

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"Mom-ing" is hard. 

Destini Ann is a compassionate and relatable source for navigating motherhood! She takes the psychology of parenting and turns it into fun, digestible content for her community.


Destini challenges the norms of parenting by offering a safe space to have tough conversations. She teaches with empathy and empowers moms to shift the culture of their homes to more intention, grace, and presence.


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Ask Destini is a weekly advice column on Bubble & Ellentube with parenting coach, influencer, and TikToker Destini Ann, who provides tips and tricks for dealing with the tougher parts of motherhood and how to follow “peaceful parenting” techniques. From sharing to tantrums to picky eaters, Destini answers new fan questions every week.

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  • 1.1 million followers on TikTok

  • 8.9 million likes on TikTok

  • 192k followers on Instagram

  • 95% women

  • Original audio,"B*tch You Doin A Good Job" remade 44k times on TikTok

3 Things I Never Say To My Kids

3 Things I Never Say To My Kids

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Put A Finger Down

Put A Finger Down

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Spicy Kids

Spicy Kids

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Whisper Chat

Whisper Chat

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The authentic approach she takes in her videos grew her community to over 1 Million followers in less than 3 months.

Though her social media impact seemed to happen over night, her work and passion for positive discipline have grown through years of study, practice, and implementation. From the public school system to her own home, Destini has been developing her connection-based approach for 10+ years. 

She has a heart for mothers and has seen first hand how the dynamics of a family can transform through intentional, empowered parenting. On her social media, she doesn’t shy away from the hard topics like single parenting and mom guilt. Instead, she sheds light on the messiness of parenting and reminds moms of their personal power regardless of their circumstances.


In a society where moms are more stressed than ever, Destini Ann's heartfelt videos remind us of the power of presence, empathy, and playfulness. She is a self-love radical and believes that in order to love, respect and honor our children, we must first learn to love, respect, and honor ourselves.


This is her work– to remind moms of their innate power so that they can give that same gift to their children!

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