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Step into Your

Parenting Power

Empower the intentional parent within to increase connection, communication, and collaboration in this
12 week Very Intentional Parenting Program

In The

Very Intentional Parenting Program

You Will Learn:

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Together we will...

Transform your relationship with your child through an evidenced based focus on non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, and neurological development.


Expand your leadership skills so that you can make lasting changes in the culture of your home and family system. 


Increase your capacity to show up with more presence and intention to tantrums, power struggles, and other challenging parenting moments.


Strengthen your emotional regulation skills so that you can usher in more calm and peace into the parent child dynamic.




Fully immerse yourself in this paradigm shifting method developed by the Jai Institute For Parenting

attachment science
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nervous system
mind-sight &
brain science

What's Included?

  • Weekly coaching sessions

  • Downloadable parenting workbooks

  • Weekly video recordings from experts in the Empowered Parenting Model

  • Ongoing support from Jai Certified Coach, Destini Ann during & after the program 

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...and I believe you can become the parent of your wildest dreams. I'm just here to empower you, and bring out the gifts you already possess!

If you resonate with any of the following, I'm here to support you:

  • You want to be more deeply YOU so that you can show up to parenting more authentically.

  • You want actionable tools to support your child while teaching them and nurturing their growth.

  • You feel a bit alone in your parenting journey.

  • You are ready to break cycles of coercive, authoritarian, shame-based child rearing and lean into a more heart-centered approach.

  • You want to expand your connection with your child and be able to have more moments of joy and peace.

  • You desire the support of a trained coach who will have your back and lovingly keep you accountable. 


I'm Destini Ann

Certified Parent Coach​

12 Week VIP Syllabus

Week 1:    Welcome & Orientation

Week 2:    Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent

Week 3:    The Ten Pillars of Empowered Parenting

Week 4:    Making Sense of Attachment Science

Week 5:    Making Sense of Nervous System Science

Week 6:    Making Sense of Mindsight & Brain Science

Week 7:    Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

Week 8:    Empowered Conversations

Week 9:    Establishing Boundaries from Family Values

Week 10:  Exploring Anger & Healthy Aggression

Week 11:  Playful Parenting & Storytelling

Week 12:  Your Personal Transformation

Not ready to sign up? Join the waitlist to get an email the next time one-on-one coaching is available.

Thank you! I will contact you when coaching becomes available!

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  • When does the next training begin?
    May 1, 2022
  • Are there any other fees?
    Within the program, you will need to purchase accompanying books. The total investment for these books is less than $100.
  • What is the VIP Program cost?
    The tuition for the 12-week coaching program is $2400.
  • Is this program just for moms?
    Absolutely not! Diversity and inclusivity are the standard and we love and welcome all uncles, aunties, dads, and nonbinary caregivers regardless of gender or title.
  • What about parents with neuro-diverse children?
    This program (designed by the Jai Institute for parenting) is for both neuro-typical and neuro-diverse families because it is parent-centric. That means that the program focuses SOLEY on the parent. We do not teach behavior modification. Rather, we teach strategies to help parents connect with and honor the value in their unique child and relationship. We believe deeply in each parent's ability to help their child thrive through consistent modeling of some of the programs foundational tools like emotional regulation, and non-violent communication.
  • Will I be learning a specific parenting technique?
    Your coach will follow a unique curriculum curated by The Jai Institute For Parenting. The program dives deep into the worlds of Non-violent Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Brain Development, and Neuroplasticity (Developed by Dr. Bruce Lipton) These strategies create tangible and often quick shifts in the parent-child relationship. Though there is no dominant parenting style in this program, your coach will support you to meet the specific needs of your family while encouraging a shift toward collaborative, respectful, connected parenting.
  • Is this therapy?
    No. You will be working with a Jai Certified Parenting Coach, not a therapist. Therapy can be a wildly healing resource that can help you with mental and emotional health challenges. This coaching program supports you and holds you accountable as you move through a specific path toward completing your parenting goals. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or need support with things like unresolved trauma, please seek a licensed mental health professional.
  • What can I expect to walk away from this program with?
    You will walk away with a deeper understanding of any patterns in your own childhood. With this understanding, you will be better equipped to create lasting changes in regards to connection, harmony, and collaboration with your own child. You'll uncover a new, more empowered way to parent that specifically meets your family's needs while honoring the humanity and value of each member of your family. You'll build leadership skills to increase collaboration and respect in your home. You'll learn the powerful process of regulating your own emotions and how to co-regulate with your child to teach them emotional intelligence, decrease power struggles, and strengthen interpersonal relationships. You'll have a solid understanding of the science of parenting! Your coach will provide interactive, digestible information on brain development, emotional intelligence, attachment theory, and non-violent communication. You'll have a new level of support either through fellow VIP members or through continued contact with your coach.
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