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Learn how to peaceful parent...

When you're rushing

When they're fighting

When they won't listen

If you're struggling to understand how to apply peaceful parenting tools in real life scenarios, you need to take this class!



Here's what's included:

The Path To Peace

You'll learn the most effective way to solve conflict, hold boundaries and diffuse power struggles every single time. And you'll learn how to do this peacefully and compassionately.

The Practical Parenting Workbook

Grow your parenting confidence with this introspective guide and journal. Answer tough questions to learn more about where you are and your parenting goals!

A 2 Hour Q&A

You'll walk away with tons of practical application. You'll have the opportunity to hear some commonly asked parenting questions and learn from the experiences of other parents.

Hi, I'm Destini Ann...

...and my classes are designed to help increase your confidence in your parenting journey. I'm a coach, not a guru. Which means, I don't have all the answers. I have research based guides and tools to empower you to learn to consistently solve the struggles that you're facing on your journey.


In this class, I'm going to give you the formula I give my clients for getting through even the toughest parenting challenges. Night time routines, power struggles, aggressive tantrums, sibling fighting, curfew breaking, etc.


When you leave this class, you will feel far more equipped to discipline in a way that is positive, consistent, and intentional.


See you there!

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