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Preventing Power Struggles

Decrease tantrums & increase cooperation!

Online Video Course


Here's what's included:

Part 1: The Four Power Tanks

The key is empowerment! We do not need to flex our power or take their power away to gain cooperation. In this class, you will learn 4 strategies for empowering your children. 

Part 3: Empowering Our Children With Boundaries

In this section, you will learn about the importance of limits and how they can effectively increase your child's ability to learn, communicate their needs, and move through uncomfortable feelings.

Part 2: Creating The Right Environment

Decreasing power struggles has a lot to do with proactively encouraging the right environment. In this class, you will learn 3 shifts in your environment to successfully empower your child's self-esteem, emotional health, and security (all of which are important for decreasing tantrums).

Are you tired of the back and forth?

Do you feel like your child rarely listens to you? Do you desire to feel more confident in your ability to teach your child cooperation skills? Let's get you there! This video course offers you information rooted in child brain development, emotional intelligence and increasing parental confidence. Hundreds of parents have invested in these classes and their family's futures! Excited to have you! 

Hi, I'm Destini Ann...

...and my classes are designed to help increase your confidence in your parenting journey. I'm a coach, not a guru. Which means, I don't have all the answers. I have research based guides and tools to empower you to learn to consistently solve the struggles that you're facing on your journey.


In this class, I'm going to give you the formula I give my clients for getting through even the toughest parenting challenges. Night time routines, power struggles, aggressive tantrums, sibling fighting, curfew breaking, etc.


When you leave this class, you will feel far more equipped to discipline in a way that is positive, consistent, and intentional.


See you there!

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