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How To Not Lose Your Sh*t

Many of us never learned emotional regulation skills

This class will help you master your emotions and manage parental stress!

Here's what you'll learn

Drawing on the latest research in nervous system science, this class provides a comprehensive approach to emotional regulation. Learn to recognize your triggers and develop strategies for managing your own emotions and understanding your children's.

Join us on July 16 at 5pm EST to learn how to not lose your shit!

Emotional Regulation

Our bodies respond first. Did you know, you train yourself to be less reactive?

There are very accessible strategies that can increase your capacity to respond calmly.

Beyond Behaviors

We look beyond behaviors. Focusing on our children's behaviors and our reactions isn't enough. We have to understand how to make connections between our needs, feelings, and beliefs in order to create healthier behaviors. 

Nervous System Science

A brief understanding of how the nervous system works allows us to see the connection between how our brains and bodies have been conditioned to react rather than respond to stress.

Hi, I'm Destini Ann...

...and my classes are designed to help increase your confidence in your parenting journey. As a coach, I provide research based guides and tools to empower you to learn to consistently solve the struggles that you're facing on your parenting journey.


In this class, you'll get my evidence and researched based tool kit for staying calm and grounded in your parenting journey. So much of parenting can feel reactive, but you can learn how to respond to parenting challenges with more grace and confidence. 


When you leave this class, you will better understand your emotions, your child's emotions, and how to navigate stressful situations much more effectively.


See you there!

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