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Communicating With

Power & Presence

Destini Ann, Certified Parent Coach

In this pre-recorded class, we are talking about healthy alternatives to punishment and punitive discipline. Rather than focusing on changing our kid's behaviors through force, this class is an invitation to teach, communicate, and model value based behaviors. 

Empowered Conversations

Communication is just the outward expression of our feelings, needs, and beliefs.

When we are not conscious of everyone's feelings, needs, and beliefs, we slip into disempowering discipline.

We can't figure anything out from this place.

Value Based Boundaries 

We aim to set up our children's environment with value based boundaries so they can thrive.

But, sometimes they miss the mark. When necessary, we teach our children accountability through related consequences.

Creative Problem Solving

Accidents, mistakes, inappropriate behavior, sibling rivalry, not listening... these are all opportunities to teach our children collaboration.

Punishment solves the problem for our kids; however, we can use the PEACE process to teach our children how to collaborate fairly with others.


Hear practical applications for these tools through an hour+ long Q&A.

Here's what you'll learn:

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